An important part of this software is our social media monitoring and listening tool that proactively monitors the countless conversations on various social media channels to bring you the mentions that matter most.

Stay in the know and always react to comments affecting your school, the independent schools industry, and your competitors.

Our school social dashboard

With our purpose-built school social dashboard, we can help you keep track of what’s being said about your school online.

Track school mentions, competitors and key industry terms to stay ahead of the curve. Amaze your followers by monitoring conversations and delighting them with quick responses to their queries or comments. Our school social dashboard proactively monitors conversations on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn to keep you in the know. Respond to comments and direct messages in one place and keep an eye on your school’s brand, industry and competitors.

Retrieve alerts via email, Slack or within your dashboard whenever mentions match your criteria. Assign specific messages to your team members who are best equipped to deal with the conversation.

Further understand the social media landscape for the school industry by monitoring hashtags and relevant keywords. Stay on top of trends, and be the first to engage with potential parents.

Why is social listening important?

Rather than making assumptions about what your customers want or need, you should listen to exactly what they are saying. With social media, it’s common for people to publicly share their opinions – and this is no exception for schools.

People appreciate being responded too

Parents and other audiences want to feel like their opinions and thoughts are heard on social media. Recent research found that 83% of respondents appreciate when brands respond to questions online. That includes schools! Furthermore, 68% like when brands join conversations. Social media means exactly that – social! By responding to thoughts and queries and engaging in conversations, prospects are 48% more likely to choose a school over their competitors.

Rather than an automated type of message, people enjoy meaningful and human responses. But it’s more than that. It’s about using social media monitoring and listening to craft responses that provide genuine value. These are the kind of responses that extract brand and school loyalty.

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