A new kind of agency

If you decide to work with us, we will:

  • Engage in a learning phase to get to know your school in depth
  • Undertake a brand and audience review and agree on marketing goals
  • Create a social media strategy that works for you
  • Manage your marketing output or enable your school to do so itself using our software
  • Develop a social media advertising plan

We’re not a traditional agency offering specific inflexible packages: we can help you as much or as little as you require. We work on a school-by-school basis according to your individual needs.

Phase 1

For complete social management, our first phase is to sit down with your marketing department to identify the key aims and ethos of your school which we call marketing pillars.

We will help you identify or enhance your core brand characteristics. These will become your marketing ‘pillars’ and it is these that we will base your social content around.

Phase 2

We then put together marketing themes, tag lines and strap lines that will help with both online and offline marketing activity going forward.

At this point, we can also help you create a marketing toolkit to help spread the word about your new plans internally among staff.

Phase 3

Finally, we will be in a position to discuss and plan your social media calendar for the next 6-12 months, discussing content and advertising for open days, general awareness and any other key events in your school’s calendar. You will be given a hashtag strategy to use in your social delivery and we will also set you up on our Shareable Schools platform and make sure you are completely comfortable using it.

To inform opinion

Prospective parents and other members of the public increasingly rely on social media to interact with thought leaders, parents and associates of a school to form an opinion. Having an online presence that goes beyond your website is therefore a must.

This can involve following industry-relevant topics, writing and sharing news and thought leadership articles with comments from your school, or even demonstrating your support for campaigns and charities. Not only can this impress prospective parents, but being active on social media in this way might provide a positive boost in your recruitment efforts.

It’s affordable

Perhaps one of the more obvious benefits is that social media is free. It’s the perfect way to showcase your school’s success while simultaneously interacting with current and prospective parents.

With social media, there are new powerful ways to target the right audience, drive traffic to your website and improve brand awareness through paid advertising. A great way to promote upcoming events such as open days or evenings.

It’s huge

3.48 billion people around the world now use social media. This is a number that is increasing year-on-year. It means that more than 31% of the world’s population use various social media channels, and given the way content spreads virally to others, social media is the perfect channel to promote your school to potential and current parents. What better way to make yourself known?

Manage your reputation

You can take steps to manage your reputation. You could argue that you are opening yourself up to public scrutiny but the reality is that you are 100% on the pulse and able to react and respond to what is being said.

Regardless if your school has social media channels or not, parents and students will still talk. Establishing a presence allows you to see the conversations being had, and provides the ability to directly address them. By monitoring your mentions, either positive or negative, you can take immediate action.

Community engagement

Social media creates a sense of community. With such a wide variety of audiences, ranging from past, present and future students, to parents, families, the local community as well as teams and clubs, keeping these all up-to-date and enabling conversation is hugely beneficial.

Attract new staff and new pupils

Social media can be used to attract staff as well as pupils. A recent study showed that around 44% of educators are active on LinkedIn, and use the platform to network and pool teaching resources. These channels are a window into your school and will be used by everyone, including future staff members. Attracting new staff has never been easier.

With social media, you are not only showcasing to prospective families what a great place your school is to learn, but also showcasing how it is a great place to work.

Creates a window into classrooms

Social media can be used to engage families, connect with experts and establishments in specific subject fields, as well as enhance teaching, learning and careers opportunities in your school.

Regularly sharing photos of clubs, sports teams, class projects, and events, gives parents and students a glimpse into what a day at your school is like. Prospective students will be able to easily envision themselves as part of your school community, as well as be encouraged to join in with the extracurricular activities you have going on.

This also serves the additional purpose of portraying your school in a positive light, inspiring parents to learn more.

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