Ready to upgrade from Hootsuite to Shareable?

If you’re fed up with using a clunky dashboard with limited features and costly reports – it’s time your school tries Shareable!

“Shareable has provided us with a platform to unite all the social channels we currently use. They take the lead in supporting us with our social media management, providing excellent support through its constant evolution, holding our hands so we can keep ahead of the curve.” – Sophy Walker, Felsted.

Say goodbye to disorganised streams and focus on the notifications that really matter.

Shareable’s Priority Inbox was designed with school’s in mind. To help keep marketing personnel focused on the most relevant incoming messages and notifications, so that they can focus their time elsewhere.

With our Hootsuite alternative, you can see which team members have already taken action and what still requires attention.

You’ll be notified via email, Slack or desktop notifications whenever you receive an important message, such as a comment on a Facebook Ad from a potential new parent!

Schedule posts for optimal times & plan campaigns.

Got a week’s worth of well thought out and engaging social posts ready to go? Then you’re going to want as many people as possible to see them, right? Good news as our Hootsuite alternative is constantly listening and monitoring your social activity and can help to determine which time of day is best to post!

Keep your social profiles active by using the Smart Queues feature to create campaigns and promote evergreen content.

Top tip: when using queues, take the time to think about what sets your school apart. This is your evergreen content. Turn this content into multiple social posts and add them to a queue. This way you can focus on the day to day activities happening at your school that would be of interest to your followers, i.e. sports day, open evenings or the latest experiments from the science club!

There’s a never-ending supply of relevant content at your fingertips!

Our Hootsuite alternative has an inbuilt search engine for blogs and publications on pretty much every topic imaginable. The content suggestion tool works behind the scenes to discover and suggest fresh content that’s most likely to resonate with your audience. With 1000’s of topics to choose from, there is always something new and interesting to share that will resonate with your audience.

Oversee your content calendar in one view.

With our interactive calendar, you can filter your scheduled posts by social profiles. A really handy feature if you manage department Twitter accounts, a sports Instagram or an Alumni Facebook page, as well as the school’s main social profiles. You can quickly and easily see what’s waiting to be published. Working within a team? You’ll have access to each other’s content to ensure that there are no overlapping posts.

Take the headache out of daily scheduling tasks, so that you can focus on creating effective social media strategies for your school.

Unlimited access to insightful, custom reports – with no hidden costs.

As part of the monthly cost, you can create stunning social media and Google Analytics reports to delight managers and stakeholders with your progress. Choose from our pre-designed templates or create your own with our handy drag-and-drop report creator.

And what’s best, we won’t charge you extra for the modules you use. With over 250 charts to choose from at no additional cost, go wild!

The only social media tool you’ll ever need.

Connect just about any social network including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and more! You can even publish directly to WordPress and Blogger.

Plus with integrations like Canva, Google Drive and Dropbox, your content is only ever a click away.


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