In spring 2019, Geneva English School in Switzerland was undergoing a period of rapid growth and development.

Not only was it undergoing a subtle rebrand, but it was also expanding. It was about to open up its doors to pupils at Key Stage 4, and as a result, needed to create a prospectus to reflect the subjects it was offering to pupils and parents.

We helped the school create an up-to-date prospectus to inform parents of these changes – but beyond that personalise the prospectus using our Unify system to tailor the content to individuals reading it.

In tandem, the school wanted to do some work on its digital marketing strategy. Its social media presence was not as strong as it could be and very little was being done on Instagram and Twitter. The Shareable team started by asking the marketing team some onboarding questions, to tie down what they wanted to get out of additional work done on their social media channels. This helped us shape a plan and to see how we would need to tie in social content work with offline campaigns. It also helped us make a plan as to how to manage the process so that it worked efficiently for everyone involved.

The school wanted to increase its presence on social media to engage parents, talk about the international aspect of the school and let parents know more about the secondary school offering.

Planning For Growth

Shareable did some research on competitor schools and together with the GES marketing team, we worked on some key messaging themes that the school could focus on. We built a content calendar to help plan out what sorts of themes could be tackled when.

A useful outcome of these discussions was the realisation that some new processes could be put in place internally within the school to gather content. After a short internal briefing, staff were briefed to send daily Facebook content updates and photos to a central point of contact and then these pieces could be selected as appropriate to be uploaded to the social media channels. It was decided that due to the proactive work of staff, there would be a two-pronged approach to Twitter and content would be uploaded via both the software and additionally by staff as and when events happened, keeping this content vibrant and reactive to events in the school.

Managing Content Creation

We managed the content upload process for GES through the use of our Shareable software; the marketing team was able to see at a glance the content that was scheduled for the week ahead and how this would vary across channels. We also included a hashtag strategy so the school could include consistent hashtags on additional ad hoc posts by staff.

The marketing team are now happy to manage this process themselves and call on us for strategic advice as and when required. They find the software really useful in terms of the time-saving features and the ability to schedule in advance, gain approvals and search for and monitor content across their channels.