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Our goals with Facebook aren’t just to gain likes, fans, and shares for the schools we’re working for. These are not ends, but the means to an end (the sale). As such, effective Facebook marketing is far more than an online popularity contest.

Why is Facebook marketing so important?

  • Facebook continues to be the dominant social platform by membership in the UK.
  • Of all internet users in the UK, 78% of them use Facebook.
  • 40 million people or 71% of UK adults (+13 years old) can be reached with adverts on the platform.
  • According to Facebook Audience Insights, there are 35-40 million monthly active users on the platform. Of these, 52% identify as women and 48% men (based on users aged 18 and older).


Of all internet users in the UK, 78% of them use Facebook


71% of UK adults can be reached with adverts on the platform

Shareable Schools can help with:

Facebook advertising

Are you already experimenting with Facebook marketing for your school? Perhaps you’re using the promoted posts feature to increase your reach? If so, you’re probably underwhelmed by the results you’re getting. Facebook is increasingly a pay to play platform, but don’t let that put you off. With your ads set up in the right way, Facebook is arguably the most powerful advertising channel on earth.

At Shareable Schools, our team of experts have years of experience in researching, planning and creating innovative social campaigns that align with core business objectives and achieve fantastic results with the minimum outlay.

Audience profiling

Without a doubt, the most important factor when setting up Facebook adverts for your school is the creation of detailed audience demographic profiles. Understanding who your current audience is, where they are, what they like and perhaps more importantly who you want them to be, colours how you interact with them, from language to message and even when you post your content.

Shareable, our specialist software allows our clients to get a granular understanding of their audiences and who is engaging with their content.

Facebook strategy

Do you have an overarching strategy for the growth of your Facebook page? If not you may be taking the ‘throw enough money at the wall’ approach to your advertising. We’d urge you to stop doing this now. We build detailed Facebook growth strategies for our clients and we’ve been doing this for years.


Talk to us today about how we can help you build a strategy that will work for your school.

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