Sometimes, when you are already struggling to post the sheer volume of news your busy school is generating, thinking about additional content and social media advertising just doesn’t make the priority list.

It is challenge enough for any school marketing department to make sure academic departments are posting regularly on their own Twitter handles, that generic content is going out on the main school account, the right types of audiences are being given appropriate content on Facebook and Instagram and that messaging is consistent!

Why do you need more content?

At Shareable Schools, we maintain that it’s not just about more, but more of a certain type. By posting on your social media channels, you are marketing your school and to do this well, your content needs to be inspiring for existing and prospective parents and be subtle enough to educate, influence and effectively change behaviours to engage them. If your audience develops trust and respect for your school, they will be loyal about it and talk about your school positively. This in turn builds relationships and demand and hopefully attracts new parents.

Part of building this trust is to talk about issues that your audience cares about. If your team doesn’t have time to step back and think about what these issues might be, Shareable Schools can help. Not only do we know what the pertinent issues in education are, we are adept at tailoring those issues to your school. If girls in STEM is in the news or there has been a report on the link between screen time and anxiety, we know about it and can apply the positive aspects of your school’s approach to the issue to content that reassures parents that your school is absolutely the right place for their child to be.

Keeping the ultimate goal in sight

It’s easy to get caught up in KPIs – how many more likes or comments do you have this week? But, it’s crucial to remember that the goal of good social media content marketing is not just to gain more fans and likes but to steer parents and other engaged audiences along the path to your website, find out more, read blogs, buy tickets, come to visit. How posts are written will influence how readers will react and this is really important, which is why sometimes, having help from an agency like us will help you achieve your ultimate goal.

At Shareable Schools we help schools with a range of other tasks such as developing questionnaires to engage parents and find out what is important to them, which in turn can inform strategy. We also regularly promote content and adverts to target audiences and parents internationally or who are not yet engaged with a school’s brand: social networks know a huge amount about audience interests and demographics and targeting the right people is key to your success.

At Shareable Schools we are here to help as much or as little as you require. We don’t sell set packages or do contracts. Call us to have a chat about how we can help your school on 020 3900 1919.